Tuesday, October 15, 2013

View Out My Window, politically speaking

Have you ever been so angry you could spit...or cry...or pull your hair out? That is how I am feeling now about a couple of things but the government shut down tops the list. No political tirade here but just have to vent my frustration with the elected in Washington, DC whom WE put there.

                                                             Acadia National Park
I know the arguments but they are not being hurt by this except in the polls and you know how quickly people forget monumental events. Remember two weeks ago in Washington when so many lives were taken and shattered? Remember how drawn together we felt by this senseless tragedy at the Navy Yard? Can't we feel the same need to unite for solace and concern when so many, many people are suffering today, a day of questionable government in our United States? Some workers will be paid retroactively but will babies without milk and diapers be okay in a week or two? Will preschoolers in Head Start be home watching television or playing in parks that seem to be no longer safe refuge? Tourists may not get into National Parks which is not a calamity but a disappointment. First time home buyers will be stuck with earnest money gone and no assurance of getting a home loan in the near future. The list goes on and on and yet we feel that some in Congress have no sense of urgency, no view of the common good and only want to bask in the acclaim of their constituents back home.

I needed to vent and hope that my readers will not feel too put upon by my complaints. Sometimes we all just have to release the negative thinking in our brains somehow. And I chose you!