Wednesday, February 20, 2013

View From My Window

Today I watched the sun rise and felt exhileration. How amazing to see the colors in a sunrise palatte!
The pinks, the blues, the purples all merge and emerge in one heck of a display. It made me glad that I had to get up early this morning. Watching the sunrise-or whatever meteorogical event is occurring-is a relatively rare event for me since I retired. When I worked, I wonder, did seeing the sun rise over a line of traffice count as "watching" the sun rise? Don't think so. Oh, well, today I enjoyed it and the hush it seemed to bring to the view from my window.

It didn't last long; sunrisings and sunsets never do, I thought, recalling watching the sun set from a sailboat overlooking the harbor at Tortolla in the Virgin Islands. Over too fast...chased by the day or the night...depending upon the situation.

A busy day ahead. Must remember to bring my sunglasses! Ha!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Today being Super Bowl Sunday, I headed to the Y to burn up some calories before I began to munch my way through the big game! There was something different in my workout today; I looked around me at all the members doing their thing and just had to smile. What diverse people I was with! There were the high school athletes sweating it out in their school jerseys! A young girl in a black chiffon, sequinned skirt and wearing tennis shoes was shooting baskets with her father. A woman about my age stood leaning against the wall, still with her coat on, texting away and smiling slightly as she read the responses. White haired men grunted and strained as they hefted weights suprisingly beyond what one would think they could manage. A slight woman and her daughter ran around the track, again and again, laughing and talking as they may or may not do during the course of an at-home activity. Lockers slammed as people came and went with the rivalry of the Ravens and the Forty-Niners forgotten in the commaraderie of exercising. People watching can be fun anywhere but, for today, since I am not holding a ticket to the game on a streetcorner in New Orleans, I decided to just enjoy my workout in a special way with my "friends."