Saturday, May 11, 2013

View over My Coffee Cup

Yesterday, I had coffee with an old friend- one I had planned to meet several times and, due to life as we know it, we had to cancel our plans. So, today, at last, we shared a couple of hours over a coffee and a frappuccino. We had the best time! We chatted about our time working together, about our mutual retirement situation, about our families, and about our blogs. She knows so much more about blogging than I do and I tried to take mental notes about her suggestions. We both agreed that we have to struggle to keep up with technology or we will certainly be "left behind." And we both agreed that we are not yet old! Are you laughing at us now?

Three years ago when I retired, I envisioned my life changing as far as employment was concerned but I did not contemplate missing all my friends from work. I just assumed that aspect of my life would continue per usual. Wrong! The more time passes, the fewer the social occasions arise giving me those opportunities. Yes, I spend more time with family and am so grateful for that!! I follow Facebook friends with an occasional Like and even a few Comments. Texting is another easy option and I do text several friends on an infrequent basis. Long conversations on the telephone  are a thing of the past in my life and pretty much by choice. Face-to-face conversations are so rare that when that occasion comes along, I get pretty psyched. There is so much to say!

After a great social experience such as I had yesterday, I ask myself why I wait so long between these treasured visits. Why don't I take the time? I resolve to stay more in touch with people I have known for years. My resolve will probably not be sustained but my friends are as busy being retired as I am and it may be a while before we stop and smell the coffee again. Can't wait!